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Bala Cynwyd Patio and Garage Renovation (Part 2)


As I mentioned in my first blog post on this project, this house in Bala Cynwyd had a concrete and flagstone patio, surrounded by a stone parapet wall. The flagstone surface was loosened and deteriorated, and rainwater pooled and leaked into the garage below. We first removed the existing patio and parapet walls, exposing the concrete slab. We then added to and reinforced the structural steel beams in the garage below.

We designed a steel railing and had it custom-built, and it was set in place to be embedded in the new concrete. The railing would be painted black and have horizontal cedar planks between the uprights – see future posts to see how that came out.

On the concrete, we installed a commercial poly vapor barrier and then rebar throughout. We also used wood forms for the perimeter and to provide sufficient slope for drainage.

Then came the big concrete pour day or, as I called it, “Super Bowl Thursday.”

Because the patio was on top of the garage, we used a crane to work in tandem with the concrete truck. So out came the orange cones, a Flagger Force traffic crew — and a lot of pacing on my part.

Our masonry team worked like Super Bowl champs. They seamlessly managed the crane operator and concrete truck driver, making the pour quick and efficient.

Once the colored concrete was up on the patio, they used a float to get a smooth coat. Then came the coolest part — they used textured stamping pads to get a wood-plank finish, carefully moving each pad and applying pressure until the entire 750 square foot area was uniformly patterned.

Check back next post to see the finished product …