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Kitchen in Bala Cynwyd


A recent kitchen renovation was for a family that relocated from Fairmount to a beautiful home in Bala Cynwyd. They had just moved from the same block as both Fairmount kitchens we renovated (see Fairmount Kitchens 1 and 2), so I consider that a city block “hat trick.” The existing kitchen wasn’t in bad shape structurally – but it was surely in need of a full facelift.

One fundamental issue we did address was a hump in the existing floor – the kitchen was extended at some point, and the addition had settled more than the original structure. We removed the dipped section of the sub-floor, shimmed it to match the original, and installed new sub-floor. Hump gone.

The homeowner has a great eye for design (as you can see) and was especially involved in the lighting. We removed the dated dome lights and installed strategically placed 4” recessed lights. For under-cabinet lighting, we used a series of hardwired, non-heat producing LED lights. These are self-adhesive, paper-thin strips that provide plenty of attractive light, install easily and cost a fraction of standard under-cabinet lighting. And you can’t see them without bending down to look under the cabinets. Boom.

The new bamboo floor certainly brightened things up, as did the quartz countertops. We sought a lumberyard that carried the same dimension and profile baseboard as the rest of the house. A custom-made steel frame, topped by a matching slab of countertop, made the new kitchen table. Some new Bosch appliances, a few coats of Benjamin Moore paint, a custom glass tile backsplash… and we’re magazine-ready.

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