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Bala Cynwyd Patio and Garage Renovation (Part 1)


I got a call from a homeowner in Bala Cynwyd. While doing online research, they found my blog posting about the garage reinforcement project in Manayunk. They also had a patio over their garage and were experiencing similar water, cracking and structural issues. Sure makes me grateful that we’re not limited to ads in the Yellow Pages anymore. The existing flagstone patio – though attractive – was problematic. The concrete sub-base, though reinforced with steel rods, was cracking and the garage had small stalagmites growing on the floor and ceiling. Also there was insufficient drainage, so water would pool on the patio and then seep through the cracks. Not ideal, especially if you’d like to use your garage at some point.

The homeowner wanted to make additional exterior changes to the house. A smaller flagstone patio, towards the rear, was covered by a glass enclosure that they wanted opened up. There were metal awnings along a second-story “sun room” – the awnings certainly had to go. And the homeowner was interested in replacing all the siding; we suggested using cement fiberboard for a long-lasting, attractive alternative to vinyl.

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