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Hurricane Sandy Hits Wayne (Part 2)


Read the first part of this story. Talk about a perfect storm. A project of this scope can take 4-6 months to plan – foundation and chimney repair, HVAC, windows, siding, electrical, insulation, interior finishes… the list is endless. And we had to get the work moving quickly so the homeowners could get out of the hotel. Oh, and it was smack in the middle of the winter holiday season.

Once the roof was put back together and shingled, we fired several rounds at once. Our mason tore down and rebuilt the chimney, which will actually function better and draw more air than the prior construction.

The foundation at the rear of the house sustained some cracking from the tree, so we followed a structural engineer’s report and provided additional concrete and steel reinforcement. Also in the basement we installed a new perimeter drain system, as the basement historically got water as a result of heavy rains (in the photo you can actually see the water gathering as we began to dig the perimeter drains).

We replaced the existing air conditioning unit, which was nearing its life expectancy, with a 16 seer, 4-ton, two-stage heat pump. Combined with new spray foam insulation in the roof and floor cavities, as well as a new two-zone heating system for the two levels of the house, the heating and air conditioning system will make the house exponentially more efficient.

Another opportunity was opening up the main living area on the first floor. We removed the wall dividing the living and dining rooms, relocated the existing electrical and ductwork, and installed a steel support beam to hold the floor joists above. This element alone will change the entire dynamic of the first floor, providing significantly more space and light.

We recommended installing a vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom. We had the attic space, and the typical rectangular room needed a little flourish, if you will.

See the final project.