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Hurricane Sandy Hits Wayne (Part 1)


It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Settled in for the evening to wait out the worst of Hurricane Sandy, a couple was watching television in their Wayne family room. They had lived in the house for most of their adult life, raised three children there and planned to remain well into their golden years.

A loud crash rocked the house – and their worlds. An enormous oak tree had fallen from the backyard directly through the roof, basically crushing the master bedroom.

The damage, as you can see in the photos, was extensive. Most of the main roof needed to be rebuilt, the chimney shifted and sustained major cracking, and the rear deck was severely damaged. The debris from the roof and tree, as well as rain through the open roof, caused damage throughout most of the home’s interior.

Amazingly, the homeowners walked away without a scratch. “It’s a good thing that ‘The Voice’ wasn't a half-hour shorter,” they joked (after recovering a bit).

Of course I empathized deeply with their situation. They had to immediately load their belongings into storage and relocate to an extended stay hotel. Once we began planning together, though, we were able to muster up some optimism – beyond the obvious repairs and rebuilding, we had an opportunity to make their house more attractive, functional and efficient in the process.

As a remodeler, my dream project.

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