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Philadelphia Renovation (5/5): Bathroom


This is the last in a five-part series on an extensive renovation we completed on a home in Philadelphia. Read the firstsecondthird and fourth posts. The second-floor bathroom renovation was another variable — what are we going to find once we pull off the tile, drywall and plaster, and two sets of ceilings? One never knows, especially in centuries-old homes, what challenges or obstacles lay in wait. The hope is, with some creative thinking (and willingness from the client), that we can turn them into opportunities.

Once we pulled down the ceilings, we found a mini-version of the exposed beam layout on the third floor, complete with a section of exposed brick wall. The bathroom isn’t very big, so we jumped at the chance to increase the space by giving it the same open, vaulted ceiling as upstairs.

The next discovery was along the sink and toilet wall. Under the plaster, drywall and tile was a wood, exterior door leading to the back bedroom. How odd. Perhaps the back bedroom was an addition? Were there steps at one point leading from the bathroom down to the backyard, and this door was the access? While we stood scratching our heads, the client walked in and said, “Oh I love it! The door stays!”

The door presented the perfect opportunity to give a traditional, classic bathroom style the history and character it needed to become warm and personal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past five weeks of posts and photos about this wonderful project. Please check in next week — springtime has arrived and it’s roof deck time …

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